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108) Brian R Pfefferle, "The Indefensibility of Post-Colonial Aboriginal Rights" (2007) 70:2 Sask L Rev 393 at 395.
In his writings on socialism, for instance, he speaks about the moral indefensibility of private property vis-a-vis socialization of the means of production.
It's Merely Designed for Sexual Arousal': Interrogating the Indefensibility of Lesbian Smut:' Bad Attitude/s on Trial.
The Commission concluded that any plan of partition which could be devised would face serious objections, of which the most important were the non-viability o f the proposed Arab State and the indefensibility of the frontiers of the proposed Jewish State.
2) It demonstrates the indefensibility of racist theories that assault multiculturalism and pluralism.
Like Dickens, Ruskin is driven to undertake this bifurcation into 'surface' and 'noble' versions of the concept by the tension between his recognition of the moral indefensibility of the picturesque aesthetic and his deep attachment to the visual paradigm underpinning his artistic sensibility.
For Estonia, those who claim Baltic indefensibility should examine the 1944 Estonian campaign.
But once again, we would see at once the absolute indefensibility of this result if Fort Lauderdale had banned soliciting votes, rather than alms, in the beach area.
Johnson Hagood's book We Can Defend America (Doubleday, 1937), which detailed the then current indefensibility of our island outposts.
If the individual cannot alter his behavior, then he cannot be held morally responsible, and hence, cannot be held criminally responsible; consequently the law fails for its moral indefensibility.
His trenchant critique of the American reductionism inherent in the "denominational" understanding of the church and its ecumenical, ethical, and missiological indefensibility is refreshing in the context of much hand-wringing about "post-denominational" Protestantism.
It speaks about contrition and plainly states the indefensibility of the nuclear attack.