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While this kind of interference in the adjudication of ongoing disputes may strike some readers as indefensibly lawless, a sort of retroactive application of a change in the law, it is interesting to note that U.
39 that is indefensibly high in comparison to the selling price of Rs 2 (7).
The Golden Rule certainly entails the proposition that like cases should be treated alike and different cases differently, and this proposition is certainly incomplete until supplemented by criteria of relevant likeness and difference, but it would be a mistake, I think, to conclude that providing the necessary supplementation must be an indefensibly circular exercise.
And certainly enoughnot to compound an indefensibly undemocratic aberration by extending religious representation in the Lords - as proposed rather desperately nowadays by the Church itself - to other faiths and denominations.
Proven indefensibly factitious, maybe Wordsworth's conclusion was also right?
At a time when more than a thousand people a day are joining the dole queue and families struggling to keep a roof over their heads, this indefensibly gratuitous Yuletide jolly by the highly paid at public expense sends out all the wrong messages.
Smil fears that society at large has embraced a kind of manic-depressive attitude in which "unrealistic optimism and vastly exaggerated expectations contrast with portrayals of irretrievable doom and indefensibly defeatist prospects.
I think we all intuitively recognize, when we hear these questions, that the doxastic practices of our discipline are usually incoherent, and when coherent indefensibly cynical.
Back then, a masterly defence of Ashley Giles's trampled reputation was somewhat undermined by a spasm of self-inflicted confusion when exposing the myth that selecting the Warwickshire spinner ahead of Monty Panesar for the first two Tests has been a major, if not the principal source of England's Ashes travails and a blunder that justifies the predictably stupid, indefensibly spiteful campaign to dump Duncan Fletcher.
14) But the problem raised by plea bargaining, as we will see, is that existing forms of it appear to yield sentence ranges that are indefensibly broad across those who are guilty of the same or similar types of offenses--ranges that few retributivists can comfortably defend.
Mobs in Syria and Lebanon burnt the embassies of Denmark and Norway and, hatefully and indefensibly, attacked a church in Beirut, where 30 people were injured in clashes with police.
The review was worded as optimistically as possible, but the science was indefensibly inadequate on virtually every issue, from measuring better and worse outcomes of care to assessing the merits of standard therapies.