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Yet they are indefinably different from every other kind of wild flower and inescapably exotic even - perhaps especially - when you find them in some scruffy, neglected corner or thriving on wasteland.
It may well have been this quality - not to discount the decade and a half of research, years of practice and an indefinably intuitive commitment to how to do it right - that made Ed Harris the perfect person to star in and make a movie about the artist Jackson Pollock.
There is something indefinably moving about Mingliang and Ruijuan's story.
There was something about that voice and that physical presence that indefinably and inexplicably made us feel that that America was finding its way back to self respect.
There's something indefinably logical about using the later lineage of yesteryear's teen-pop dynasties to float revivals of yesteryear's rock-pop musicals.
In some cases, this version of the sustainability criterion requires the present to abstain from risky activities even when the probability of adverse outcomes is indefinably small and the activities would generate probable benefits accruing to members of future generations.
The structure is recognizable, but the furnishings have been rearranged or reupholstered, and familiar outlines seem indefinably distorted.
JUST the words "liking Brussels" seem somehow as if they are a betrayal of something indefinably British.
We are indefinably glad and proud to announce that we have finalized the preparation of September 2013 issue two months before its due date.
From the wondrous (lighting up civic buildings) to the reflective (the extraordinary 'rice show'), and taking in a riot of colour and culture that is indefinably, but definitely Brummie, the weekend was an astonishing and popular success.
Britain, so long saddled with an image of sensible shoe-wearing, rose-growing, pie-munching, tea-drinking, sherry-sipping (OK, and binge-drinking) is, indefinably, undergoing something far more mysterious.
The new naked face is indefinably made up but still very `done', projecting an enigmatic radiance.