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43), Steven Wisotsky revealed the indefiniteness of words and phrases.
The classical philosophers had tended to equate infinity with mere indefiniteness, polar opposite to the determinacy that was a chief mark of being.
and indefiniteness is of two kinds, indefiniteness as to what is the Object of the Sign, and indefiniteness as to its Interpretant" (Peirce, 1931-58, 4.
It is known that indefiniteness of the test methodology of standardised building materials influences the test results [28, 29].
Around this indefinite a definite conception will be realized, but the way lies through indefiniteness.
LabCorp argued that claim thirteen was invalid on the grounds of indefiniteness, lack of a written description and enablement, anticipation, and obviousness.
An examination of the path followed by the nuns and the history of the Convento da Conceicao itself indicates a considerable mobility and a certain indefiniteness, in the period, as to its regulations.
The indefiniteness and indecision in Fleming's "fast nicht denck" and "half-verlohner" are abolished with Sumarokov's incisive "uzhe ne chaiu bol'she byt'," and Sumarokov's tercet ends on a clear, fatalistically resigned note.
The strange figures that peopled many of his canvasses seemed creatures of the mists out of which they emerged with almost mysterious indefiniteness & beauty of another world--the land of imagination.
Murnane evokes grasslands and prairies, prizing their capacity for abstraction and indefiniteness, but the plains are also those of language, the "Interstitial Plain" that exists only as it posits the potentiality of every other plain, or plane, of existence.
I am interested in the melic quality of these echoes: rather than reproducing the standard oxymoronic syntagms, Leopardi captures the essence of the melancholy music and indefiniteness of the Petrarchan verse.