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Rather than ignore the event, they seemed to have settled on finessing it, coaxing it here, to what turned out to be brilliant calming rooms, and, instead of dispatching it with one great binge of memory and regret, marking it with a cool offhand indelibility.
The repeated consideration of the indelibility of racial difference in its representations of Morocco, Aragon, Launcelot's Moorish mistress, and the "Indian" beauty, helps reinforce the idea of an essential Jewish difference for both Jessica and Shylock.
So it is difficult to swallow the argument of the show's curator that "far from being rooted in aesthetics and the history of art, his art and portraiture originate elsewhere"--namely in the political and religious reality of a Jew in Modigliani's Italy, and especially "his Sephardic understanding of the indelibility of his Jewishness, regardless of acculturation.
Other halogenated fluoresceins are used to give different staining colors and varying degrees of indelibility.
Always also, with the terrible indelibility that one associates with terror, the girl was to remember the touch of that hand on her shoulder: heavy, kneading at her flesh, the woman herself stricken almost dumb, but her eyes eloquent with that angered fire.
Therefore, Anglo-India's explanation of Adela's situation lends support to the gendered constructs of Empire, reifying "all that is worth fighting and dying for" among the English gentry holed up at the Club--or, British cultural indelibility symbolized by the refined and chaste (white, upper class) British woman.
Max designed it to test the indelibility of his lipsticks.
Second, it is not intended to ascribe a form of indelibility to our knowledge of right and wrong.
To meet EC regulations on traceability, Cadbury's wanted a system that offered indelibility, clarity and reliability.
The major distinguishing feature of such rules [of jus cogens] is their relative indelibility.
Woodward legitimately characterized the South in this manner, and yet some concerns about Southern identity and indelibility expressed so well by Michael Kreyling in his study Inventing Southern Literature have merit.
Murray Abraham as Salieri, Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan--these performances acquire indelibility, as well as Oscars.