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The repeated consideration of the indelibility of racial difference in its representations of Morocco, Aragon, Launcelot's Moorish mistress, and the "Indian" beauty, helps reinforce the idea of an essential Jewish difference for both Jessica and Shylock.
Other halogenated fluoresceins are used to give different staining colors and varying degrees of indelibility.
Max designed it to test the indelibility of his lipsticks.
To meet EC regulations on traceability, Cadbury's wanted a system that offered indelibility, clarity and reliability.
Unlike other well-known writers of his generation such as Kingsley Amis, Alan Sillitoe is working class born and bred and, although his success as a writer provided escape from that background, an indelibility of working class consciousness and memory pervades his writing.
Sometimes when I am lying in bed at night with my eyes closed, the phrases start to come back to me, a little jumbled, out of order, almost like a dream, with a dream's utter indelibility.