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Is it not unethical for any organization, even the AMA, to indelicately intrude into family matters?
However, I confess to speaking with less authority on young women, having been able to hold my feminine side in check with considerable ease, despite the middle-aged flowering of what my young wife indelicately describes as "man boobs".
Alcor did face allegations that its employees used former baseball great Ted Williams' head for batting practice (also using a wrench to indelicately remove a can that had become frozen to it), but the accusations seem to be contained just within the pages of former Alcor employee Larry Johnson's book, Frozen; though denials of said accusations also seem to be advertised in just one source: Alcor's website.
ELDERLY aristo Lady Colin Campbell's growing popularity is living proof that "oiks", as she indelicately called the great British viewing public, adore a woman who mucks in.
Are all of these people--often faithful church members--"living in sin," as the old phrase so indelicately puts it?
They're encouraged not to pay too much attention to war's casualties and costs, especially when those costs involve foreigners with funny-sounding names (after all, they are, as American sniper Chris Kyle so indelicately put it in his book, just "savages").
Without so much as a by your leave, this gentleman swerves indelicately across several dozen oncoming cars oblivious to their screeching protests then changes his mind and returns to the first lane, evidently having twigged that he had got his turnoff wrong and needed to a bit further before doing his bee pop a hop again.
With full intent, the FCC now quite indelicately trenches on the First Amendment by seeking to know and then to evaluate the editorial content of the licensed broadcast media.
To put it indelicately, tell me one thing less appealing than owning something that once accommodated someone else's sweaty backside?
18) James McHugh, a member of the Professional Board of Editors and frequent contributor, takes a look at the Ohio Constitution's indelicately phrased ban on voting for any "idiot" or "insane person.
military official once indelicately phrased it, is "the turd in the punchbowl" of U.