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Generic indemnification provisions tend to focus on who and what is covered the goal being to reduce as much as possible the financial outlay associated with certain events.
There are three levels of indemnification: "Broad Form" indemnification is where another party indemnifies an owner even for their sole negligence.
CPAS should consider if an environmental exposure's potential effects may be mitigated by third-party indemnification, insurance claims or recovery from PRPS.
In short, regulators will be blind to market conditions as a direct result of the indemnification provision.
NYSE: CEL) (TASE: CEL) (hereinafter: the "Company") announced that the Company's Compensation and Audit Committees and Board of Directors approved a three-year extension of the Company's shareholders 2011 resolution to provide certain exemptions from liability and indemnification agreements to office holders of the Company serving from time to time in such capacity, in respect of whom our controlling shareholders may have a personal interest in their receiving exemption from liability and indemnification agreements from us.
In a judgment session held yesterday, the Court of Appeals vacated the decision that had found in favor of the indemnification claim filed by a smokers association under a class action suit
A comprehensive protection program should also include indemnification rights in the form of corporate bylaws or an individual indemnification agreement between you and your company.
For example, many of the agreements attempt to shift liability from the governmental entity to the CPA firm and have indemnification clauses that extend the CPA firm's responsibilities to more than just the quality of the professional services performed.
Include indemnification provisions as well as provisions limiting the personal liability of directors for breach of the duty of care in the corporation's corporate charter and indemnification agreements.
OPINION: Some Big Five auditors use indemnification agreements to duck liability on mutual client engagements--in contrast to SEC rules for public companies.
to approve and ratify the compensation terms of several directors; to approve and ratify (subject to the adoption of Resolution 4 below) indemnification of several directors and that these directors benefit from the Company's D&O insurance policy; The proposed resolutions were approved by the required majority as detailed in the Proxy Statement, except for the resolution regarding indemnification - see item 4 below.
This association has been suggesting for several years a law on indemnification of all political prisoners, but the issue has not yet been closed.