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Because of the tax advantages, this method of financing increasing costs of health care became the backbone of the system and soon went past indemnification against catastrophic costs to include "first dollar" coverage for almost all health care expenses.
In addition GOL will provide monetary indemnification as close as possible to each family's standard of living prior to the accident.
Based on the foregoing principles, the indemnification section of a property management agreement should put the primary burden on the owner and its insurance for all claims at the property.
In the current recessionary climate, lessees also have negotiated indemnification provisions, representations and warranties about prior property use or default provisions allowing the tenant to terminate the lease if a cleanup action interferes with the tenant's use of the property.
which may have allowed for nSpire Re to fund Fairfax's indemnification of its runoff subsidiary TIG Insurance Company against losses related to Kingsmead;
The Company will offer all necessary assistance in regards to monetary indemnification proceedings according to the following principles:
RESPRO) has developed a Model Good Faith Estimate (GFE) Cost Indemnification Agreement and Model Services Agreement for its members to use when the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) new RESPA disclosures take effect on January 1, 2010.
As of March 31, 2004, known liabilities covered by these indemnifications were approximately $27 million.
If these flaws cannot be corrected, indemnification should be the preferred option, rather than repurchase.
Income tax indemnifications are established in a variety of transactions, including business acquisitions, corporate spin-offs, and initial public offerings (IPOs).