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The spokesperson also mentioned that all hydel power stations of WAPDA had been functional and generating electricity according to water outflows as per IRSA's indent.
Indent said that the partership offers the government an attractive, comprehensive, end-to-end intelligence solution with a large return on investment for the taxpayer.
3 mm), the number of indents per block has been increased from 35 to 80 on average, providing 128 percent more tests on a single test block.
The compromise took over the Employment Committee's suggestion to promote studies on the relation between severe poverty and fundamental rights (Annex I, Point 3, Indent 2)
The entry level ELT1 is a video filar system for measuring the indents on the computer's monitor using a virtual joystick for easy on-screen operation.
The victim has a pierce scar on the left earlobe, an indent scar in the center of his forehead, a "C" shaped scar in his left eyebrow, a scar on the left side of his nose, and a possible gunshot scar on his left wrist.
which is an indent performed on a material surface on a very small spatial scale (e.
Advanced indent capabilities allow for front, rear, and combined front and rear indent printing.
He used a needle to indent paper with the Morse signals.
Electrically heated, the blades indent the plastic surface or, heated less, leave it unmarred to write "1" or "0" bits, respectively.
Permanent indent marking can be traced back over 5000 years.