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The load-depth curve of the indentation was obtained by recording the reaction forces on the indenter and the corresponding applied displacements.
Next, we performed the indentation test at 70[degrees]C.
lf] is difficult and can have a significant amount of uncertainty, and even qualitative assessment of indentation behavior depends critically on the accuracy of this calibration step, especially from laboratory to laboratory and instrument to instrument.
Giannakopoulos, AE, Larsson, PL, "Analysis of Pyramid Indentation of Pressure-Sensitive Hard Metals and Ceramics.
Brian Patrinelli said they saw a large round indentation in the passenger side of the windshield.
Based on the literature [23,30] and the preliminary results from a pilot test, the technical specifications of the apparatus were set as follows: (1) precise indentation speed control with a maximum speed of 10 mm/s, (2) compressive force up to 150 N, (3) indentations of up to 35 mm, (4) manufacturing cost (<$5,000), (5) adjustable indentation direction from 0[degrees] to 360[degrees], (6) quick replacement of indentation probes, and (7) negligible delay between loading and unloading of tissue so that hysteresis can be observed and measured.
Microscale and nanoscale indentation methods have been used to measure modulus profiles after the heterogenous oxidation of thick sections of nitrile rubber (9).
The 29-year-old, who also trained to be a priest, had claimed that while being abused he noticed that Donaghy had an indentation, or cleft, near his buttocks.
By using Nanovea's Mechanical Tester in indentation mode, using a cylindrical flat tip, yield strength data can be easily obtained.
The microhardness was measured at different depths and different levels of time with 100 g indentation loads.
A push out machine was not available for use but the indentation was hoped to produce a similar test using the resources available.