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All selected indentors are general-purpose abrasive points (ref.
The second part of the experiment was to determine the energy component for each material by running load-deflection curves using the sphere shaped indentor at 10 N/sec.
The sphere shaped indentor was loaded into a sample, turned 200[degrees] at 1[degrees] per second velocity and completely released.
The blank is subjected to pressure flaking with a hardwood indentor.
The bone indentor permits controlled force and ensures that flake scars are more regular than those made by a wooden indentor.
For example, in an early account of pressure flaking, Clement (1903:5) confused how the indentor was held and used.
The hardness can be measured by static penetration of material surface with an indentor exerting a known force.
The value of x will be dependent on the viscoelasticity of the material, the sliding velocity, and the indentor geometry.
30) showed that the critical load for fracture of PMMA with a conical indentor increased as a function of temperature, and presented a transition around 50[degrees]C.
23) reported that for PMMA, depending on the shape of a conical indentor (various values of cone included angle and tip radius), the critical load could increase with the scratch speed, or it could decrease.
A rate-controlled indentor for in vivo analysis of residual limb tissues.
Accuracy and reliability testing of a portable soft tissue indentor.