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More general is the Neutrosophic Logic [Smarandache, 1995], where the truth (T) and the falsity (F) and the indeterminacy (1) can be any numbers in [0, 1], then 0 [less than or equal to] T + I + F [less than or equal to] 3.
Since I am at his point considering free will only on the epistemological level, that is in terms of how we explain and understand our actions and decisions, a pseudo-randomness created by the complexity of the brain could do all the work of quantum indeterminacy.
Our analysis also helps to explain a puzzle in the indeterminacy literature.
The key result of the analysis is that the equilibrium indeterminacy story presented above crucially depends on the monetary policy regime and the determination of nominal interest rates.
There will always be points of indeterminacy or new constitutional practices, institutions or principles that will be developed beyond what is specified in the text.
Indeterminacy requires both roots inside the unit circle.
As the exhibition spaces widened to include an increasing number of other artists' works, viewers were invited to reflect on how Cage authorized--or, more precisely, to see what kind of specific authorizations his notions of chance, silence, and indeterminacy gave himself, as well as other artists.
My own unease in the lace of such indeterminacy (in which, as I make clear, 1 differ from Wolfgang Iser, and possibly from most other critics on the planet), generates some of the argument in Chapter Five, which emphasizes Clifford Geertz's view that the failure of our innate "quest for lucidity" may give rise to "metaphysical anxiety.
Equilibrium indeterminacy in existing two-sector, human capital-based growth models emerges based upon two mechanisms.
In telling its stories, postmodern theory introduces certain core themes of its own: the indeterminacy of language; the instability and social construction of human identity; the problematization of agency or will; the interrogation of models of progress; the critique of liberalism, and the unstable valorization of political pluralism.
It is well known that quantum indeterminacy plays a role in events on a submicroscopic scale at the atomic/molecular level.
As a result, scale indeterminacy poses a serious problem for value-added assessment, The burden of proof is on its practitioners to show that ratings assigned to educators do not vary when alternative (but in all essential respects, equivalent) scales are used, That burden of proof has not been met.