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quadrillians indeterminately vast numbers of square dancers
Morris & Meloy, supra note 45, at 13 ("The very essence of Jackson is the Court's prohibition against indeterminately confining incompetent defendants.
Forces may be reassigned by the Defense Secretary when a transfer to a joint force will be permanent or for an indeterminately long period.
Percy's revisions draw from antitheistic, materialistic discourse in which life indeterminately emerges from a proper yet unknown arrangement of matter.
Yet the chapter on Abe ends indeterminately, since the reader has no way of actually knowing whether Abe and his fellow slaves died at sea in a rescue mission for which they volunteered.
With modifications, and allowing for the different system that governs indeterminately sentenced offenders, this framework remains the basic structure of California parole supervision to the present day.
Finally, returning to the title of the book, more work should be done to distinguish religion as religious belief, rather than merely a blanket reference to a culture influenced indeterminately by religion.
Undertaking this task brings into focus points of agreement and disagreement about whether the policy-oriented conception of law excessively or indeterminately incorporates policy into law.
In addition, temporary administrative powers only are authorized, legitimate sovereignty to be restored as soon as possible, never indeterminately held by the occupier, what Israel has done for over 43 years, preventing the restoration of the pre-war status quo.
It is not to be supposed that the United States can for long presume to be the world's policeman and social worker, in an indeterminately large quest to seek out every abuse and misfortune, without such a concentration being one of the many consequences.
The all-encompassing nature of this work is what makes it so exhilarating at the start; so rewarding at the end when, in fact, the students have pulled it all together; and so frustrating when a case ends indeterminately or anti-climactically due to a client's disappearance or re-arrest.
Hendricks, where the Court found that Kansas could civilly commit sex offenders indeterminately because they pose continuous danger to the community.