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Nevertheless, the obediential potency that is "naturally" constitutive of the intellect's motion toward the truth indefinitely discerned and the good indeterminately desired (until the intellect specifies the nature of its object by the light of revelation) is a "second act" that therefore stands (through gratia elevans) in proportionate relation to the agere actu received in the gratia operans through which God works every supematurally meritorious act.
The human becomes a scuba diver by assimilating the radical exteriority of a mind and a body, and then both of these with technology and ocean so that there is only partial exteriority; and this is indeterminately so.
Through their fretwork planes, the continuing structure behind is visible, indeterminately vast and rambling.
But although Oscar was still there in her mind's eye, marking out an X in the sand with a stick, he was as indeterminately monochrome as the zebras and leopards in the reference book, his eyes a washed-out tint that looked like no colour at all.
Since there's nothing in the sentence that's capable of desire or aversion but "I," the assertion takes on a vaguely confessional flavor, as though it were indeterminately baring the speaker's besieged pacifist (or murderous) soul.
Because queer arousal is itself "ineffable"--aporic in terms of the symbolic logic of the male-female binary, engaged indeterminately with social text--a queer relationship with music disrupts and reworks received macroaccounts of meaning and arrives at no clear declaration or terminus.
If disruption were to continue over a long period of time, producers could decide to stop indeterminately their Egyptian projects.
4) As the Christian heir to Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas held similar views, stating that "human affairs are conducted in a more orderly fashion if each man is charged with taking care of some particular things himself, whereas there would be confusion if everyone had to look after any one thing indeterminately.
The television character "Larry" is finally "Everyman" living indeterminately, in an ambiguous postmodern landscape, unsure of his position and yet opposed to taking sides.
Finality is defined as "the upwardly but indeterminately directed dynamism' of world process.
However, even if this is a genuine cause, it cannot last indeterminately and must deliberately be limited in time and scope (Griffiths and Lucas 1995; Higgins 1997).
Concerto" commenced with a jazzy, techno sound created by piano and bass clarinet, next adding jarring cymbal and gong, then woozy flute, proceeding into an indeterminately improvised synthesis.