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Dealler and colleagues suggest it is due to tryptophan being metabolized to indole which is absorbed into the portal system and converted to indicant by the liver.
Similar indicants of romantic status were employed by Greenberg et al.
The nine measures employing multiple indicants were evaluated according to the principles outlined by Churchill (1979) and Peter (1979).
Each multiple item scale was summated and each single indicant loading was fixed at its scale's coefficient alpha, which helps the model parameters remain more stable compared to using individual items as indicants (see Morgan and Hunt, 1994 and Netemeyer, Johnston, and Burton, 1990).
53-4: idemque, in quo fuit Publicola maxime, legem ad populum tulit earn quae centuriatis comitiis prima lata est, ne quis magistratus civem Romanum adversus provocationem necaret neve verberaret, provocationem autem etiam a regibus fuisse declarant pontificii libri, significant nostri etiam augurales; itemque ab omni iudicio poenaque provocari licere indicant XII tabulae compluribus legibus; et quod proditum memoriae est decemviros qui leges scripserint sine provocatione creatos, satis ostendit reliquos sine provocatione magistratus non fuisse; .
He argued that this was possible because the unidimensionality of X and Z enables the omission of the nonlinear latent variables from the linear-terms-only measurement model: because X and Z are each unidimensional, their indicant loadings and error variances are unaffected by the presence or absence of other latent variables in a measurement or structural model.
Judd (1989) addressed social responsibility as a possible indicant of professionalism and a means of increasing credibility of public relations.
Extrema Unctio ceremonia est doni sanationum sicut verba quae pro hoc sacramento ex Jacobo producuntur indicant.
The increased frequency of time in special education for students with more than one classification is consistent with the view that comorbidity is an empirically based indicant of severity (Clarizio, 1990).
Declarations viri de valore tributo filiis in proprio matrimonio, quam ob rem ad nuptias non processisset si novisset de sterilitate sponsae, indicant quod in casu prae manibus non agebatur de mero errore causam dante, sed alia ex parte Infrascripti dubitant de fundata vel minus interpretation facta a nava viri actoris Patrona iuxta quam capacitas generativa Conventae habenda esset uti qualitas <<directe et principaliter quaesita de muliere conventa>> vel de simili Patronae thesi <<de voluntate directa et praecipua Actoris habendi prolem>>.
These associations are analogous to the synchronous structural equation model's correlation coefficient (Meredith & Tisak, 1990), and are crucial to any investigation of development because they are an indicant of the influences of development, and thus, are correlates of change.
One indicant of this is excessive concern over mistakes leading to low self-esteem, low perceived athletic competence, and dissatisfaction with their sports performance.