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This financing will indicatively comprise an initial Project Loan Facility for $A11 million and a Gold Hedging Facility of 50,000 ounces in total.
Accordingly, subject to the passing of the resolutions to be tabled at the Court Meeting and the General Meeting to be held on 17 June, it is expected that the Court hearings to sanction the Scheme and confirm the associated Reduction of Capital will now take place on 24 and 26 August 2010 respectively, rather than 17 and 19 August 2010 as indicatively stated in the Scheme Document dated 18 May 2010.
Although, at this stage, no bid has been received in connection with the scheme it is indicatively included in the Designed for Life programme.
Indicatively, the distance of the bubble crest and its central point and the related differences in the corresponding axial velocities increase very fast towards the end of the simulations, see Table 5.
Indicatively, many of the same pioneers suggested one another
The decision represents the first step of a policy centering particular attention on shareholders, that in the year 2000, could provide for the distribution of a total dividend amounting, indicatively, to $186.
Indicatively, between February 2012 and October 2015, the university has spent the following amounts
Indicatively, Russian tourists reduced their daily per-person spending in Cyprus by 18 per cent to e1/480 in June, the month with the latest available figures.
RBC's debt indicatively trades at around a 40% discount to the nominal value, which could encourage debt holders to agree to a conversion, should it be suggested.
Indicatively, existing funds and loan facilities will need to be bolstered with additional cash to meet operational outgoings in the first half of 2010 by approximately NZ$20 million.
Its first fund closed last year and was recently indicatively valued at a 29% premium to purchase price, resulting in a 40% return for investors after only seven months.