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The two distinct floristic elements determined via pairwise MRPP tests, and supported by NMDS ordinations, were used for indicator species analysis.
Western harvest mice are one such indicator species that are associated with prairie-like habitats (Ford 1977).
Analysis of the indicator species (Appendix 2) using various groupings of data gave ambiguous results.
Consequently, odonate species may be good indicator species for the quality of aquatic habitats (e.
Community attributes were found to be similar between the two sites, while indicator species varied as determined by Trophic Diatom Index values and the percentage of tolerant taxa to pollutants.
It's good to show how environmental management helps bring back key indicator species.
After finishing the site classification and mapping of the Nature Park, interspecific correlation analysis was applied in order to determine the indicator species of the sites.
We have always advocated the basking shark as a fantastic indicator species for monitoring global climate and ocean change and this year we have proven it.
It's an indicator species that signals the overall health of the sagebrush ecosystem," says Robertson.
through the use of sentinel or indicator species to detect the pathogen and changes in its prevalence or incidence (1,2).
Sewin, like other fish from the salmon family, are a good indicator species of the health of a river," said Dr McCarthy.