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Press Release, Special Court for Sierra Leone, Court Indictee Sam Hinga Norman Dies in Dakar (Feb.
The large number of indictees at the ad hoc tribunals eventually led the Security Council to amend their statutes to create additional trial chambers and to provide for ad-litem judges, but even with these changes both tribunals will operate for at least a decade.
It had previously affirmed the Trial Chamber's decision to acquit another indictee on genocide charges.
Most of the indictees still at large are apparently living free in the areas where the local authorities have failed to comply with their legal obligation to arrest those indicted.
If the ICC orders an unwilling government to arrest an indictee or disclose its documents and records, there must be an agreed range of sanctions which other governments are able and willing to impose to compel compliance.
Kenyatta and running mate William Ruto -- a fellow ICC indictee -- "in particular have challenged the ICC proceedings as politically motivated, and used them to rally their respective ethnic communities' support," the ICG added.
The steps being taken to obtain the cooperation of the government in surrendering the indictee in question to the court of jurisdiction.
The court's most prominent indictee is former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who is being held in a national corruption investigation, but has not been turned over to the tribunal to face charges of atrocities committed by the Yugoslav military.
She also pointed to reports of the ongoing involvement of ICC indictee Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman, also known as Ali Kushayb, in clashes in Central Darfur in April.
105) Therefore, there is no sovereign right to confer a liberty interest on an ICTY indictee.
Valerie Mason, Hague Tribunal Indictee Radovan Karadzic in Belgrade, Chief Prosecutor Says, WORLD MARKETS ANALYSIS, Feb.
The Croatian Supreme Court confirmed in early October 1996 that the transfer of indictee Zlatko Aleksovski, a Bosnian Croat arrested in Split in June, could proceed.