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Brand Names: HyGen, MediGen, FilterGen, TexGen, AutoGen, AgriGen, IndiGen
Xenoblade Chronicles X" manages to pull off the same effect that made its predecessor so memorable, with a great variety of indigens (the monsters indigenous to the planet) that make the planet Mira feel like a tangible ecosystem.
Additionally, where the Latin texts devote much time discussing Joanna's strength (the trials she withstood, the people she disciplined), the French version discusses at greater length Joanna's charity, her "consolation, comfort, and aid for widows, the poor, the sick, and orphans" ("consolation, confort et ayde des vefves, povres, malades et orphelins") (24) and the fact that she "nourished strangers and indigent people as much as others, built and financed monasteries and hospitals, and received in magnificence and liberally treated clerics and lettered men" ("estrangiers et indigens autant que aultres substantoit; monasteres, hospitaulx ediffioit et nourrissoit, clercz, lectrez et vertueux magnificquement recevoit et liberalement tractoit").
Kunth), and description of two species: Azoarcus indigens sp.
1993) compreende 7 especies: Azoarcus communis e Azoarcus indigens (Reinhold-Hurek et al.
Se dirige entonces la medicina al hombre carente de aquel equilibrio somatico o somatico-psicologico que percibimos como salud, al hombre menesteroso de salud, ens indigens en el decir de Lain Entralgo (7:345), buscando--mediante la combinacion del conocimiento, la observacion y la experiencia clinica, mas la prudencia necesaria que le confiere su sello caracteristico, entendida asi a partir del saber hipocratico (3, cap.
For its fund-raising campaign the Board made no mention, however, of the missionary women's own personal ambitions for self-fulfilment, as they portrayed the Converison of indigens as paramount also wrote, ".
domus eius patuit cuicumque uenienti: nulla uidua reuocata sinu uacuo, nullus indigens lumine non illo comite directus est, nullus debilis gressu non illo baiulo uectus est, nullus nudus auxilio de potentioris manu non illo tutore protectus est.
The phenomenon of the "son of the soil" first came to be associated with the displacement of people who have their origins in other parts of the federation and who must now concede both political and economic advantage to indigens.