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Such intellectual indigence exposes a lack of self-respect and a refusal to recognize opinions excluding their own.
Etes-vous d'accord avec ceux qui estiment que le niveau esthetique et professionnel des sitcoms peche par son indigence pour ne pas dire sa mediocrite?
And those precious few physicians are overwhelmed by a nation reeling in dire indigence (more than one-third of the population is trapped in poverty), low life expectancy, rapid population growth, very low incomes and poor access to medical care.
Meyer (1907) provided a therapeutic rationale for aftercare, redefining "need" from that of patient indigence to the "need" for overall patient well-being, relapse prevention, closer linkage between hospital and community, and the physician's "need" for better information about the patient's family and environment.
They're coming from homelessness, indigence and drug-abuse backgrounds, so they've never had the opportunity.
It is so to speak His name written in us, as our poverty, as our indigence, as our dependence, as our sonship.
However, the background variable, indigence of the individual hospital's local [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] market economy (e.
5 billion people around the world who live in indigence.
In Cuore sacro, Ozpetek again introduces mainstream audiences to a part of Rome and a group of people they may be unfamiliar with while also portraying the indifference of both Church and State to the urgent problem of indigence and homelessness.
To a question he said government would use indigence fuel for the generation of electricity.
The staunchest apologists for the worst elements of British Empire were conservatives, and now, as in Orwell's time, it is conservatives who lean most heavily on theory to explain away indigence and squalor as inevitable in a free society and thereby rid themselves of responsibility to alleviate the burdens of the impoverished.
Spiritually a year of profound gloom and indigence until that memorable night in March, at the end of the jetty, in the howling wind, never to be forgotten, when suddenly I saw the whole thing.