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In a side note, Wilder said that each year his office has found that between 500-700 of those claiming indigence are not.
By looking at what could be, it can help us grasp the indigence of what is.
For one very rich man there must be at least five hundred poor, and the affl uence of the few supposes the indigence of the many.
c) the criteria that apply for identifying the target group rely on absolute poverty and indigence lines established at extremely low levels (USD 1 or 2 per day), which tend to hide the real magnitude and severity of destitution and reduce the number of potential beneficiaries;
City of Clanton, stating that, "any bail or bond scheme that mandates payment of pre-fixed amounts for different offenses in order to gain pre-trial release, without any regard for indigence, not only violates the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause, but also constitutes bad public policy.
Leonardo Burgos Espinal, 42, a citizen of the Dominican Republic who was living in the country illegally, will not pay restitution because of indigence.
This proposal amends the definition of "extended access oral health care programs" to permit non-profit entities organized as 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 corporations to provide free dental or dental hygiene services to persons who, due to age, infirmity, indigence, disability or other similar reasons may be unable to receive regular dental or dental hygiene treatment.
They live in poor conditions, mostly without tap water or electricity because of unpaid bills due to indigence.
facing slurs, housing and job discrimination, indigence and the persistent feeling that they had to prove their loyalty.
com/DepEdSPES2014), birth certificate/baptismal certificate (certified true copy/NSO); income tax returns of both parents (if non-filers of ITR, an affidavit duly certified by the Bureau of Internal Revenue that the annual net income of both parents does not exceed P143,000 or a Barangay Certification on the economic status of the family); for college students, recent grades and school registration preferably in the second semester; and for out-of-school youth (OSY), grades available before dropping out of school or a Certificate of Indigence issued by the Barangay where the OSY resides.
But as Duerfahrd writes of his encounters, a pattern of themes and contexts begins to emerge: the performers are presenting themselves as vagabonds and working, very much like the characters, with the textual indigence, with the reader, or the onlooker, hip-deep in the aesthetics of poverty and despair.