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In particular, among these attributes, natural and organic, flavor versatility, convenience, authenticity and indigenousness, and craftsmanship were of the greatest concern to consumers.
The desire for recognition without any claim for the assignment of lands expresses a demand for the acknowledgement of the appropriation of land based on antecedence (a matter of indigenousness, in short) without involving the transfer of the claimed space in the form of legally recognized customary land.
The need to study indigenousness and indigenous knowledge is growing in importance within international and cross-cultural management (Jack and Westwood 2009), as emerging economies such as China and India come to the fore; as countries, societies and organizations within the South increasingly find a voice on the world stage; and, as regions such as sub-Saharan Africa become more integrated into a changing global economy (Carmody 2011) The global ascendancy and dominance following the second world war of Western and specifically US management (Boyacigiller and Adler 1991) can no longer be taken for granted.
It is this process of connecting to one's own individual tribal heritage by utilizing "pan-Indian" practices where traditional communal paradigms are elusive, as well as the realization of American indigenousness as a cultural value, that informs the discussion of reprise in extra-tribal circumstances, making the concept "reprise" available for application to other religious contexts.
At the same time Moscow, of course, 'forgot' that the note likewise underscored the unity, integrity and indigenousness of the populations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and thus their dissimilarity to Russia.
However, unlike Renata, Sandra has effected separation from her privileged upbringing, choosing, for example, to live just outside of Delhi, a barrio populated predominantly by Mexican Americans, to ally herself with the values of that community, to valorize Latin American indigenousness in study and travel, and, most significantly, to be involved in a relationship with Gregory, a man of whom her wealthy and bigoted parents do not wholly approve.
Li's goal, she states, is "to set out an alternative approach to the question of indigenousness that is theoretically more adequate to the diversity of conditions and struggles in the Indonesian countryside, and alert to the political risks and opportunities posed by familiar framings" (ibid.
The major change is the new sense of identity, understood through the concept of indigenousness, with clear goals set before nation states and churches.
An interesting query that I have however, is how will the lack of physical presence affect the research and how does our indigenousness to specific locations make understanding of diverse perspectives problematic, especially when we are physically removed from the environments that have informed epistemologies.
While in India the socio psychological motivations for multiple mixing in the case of Persian-Urdu are their association with luxury, royal and medieval romance and Islamic culture, in Pakistan the language is associated with indigenousness, intimacy and, if some high-flown Urdu verse is on display, with medieval romance and tradition.
One of the more enduring stories has been West Papua, a land and people still experiencing the effects of a tumultuous colonial transition and struggling for international attention to the 49 years of systemic abuse of their rights, indigenousness, and daily lives.
Hence, nationhood and indigenousness are not two distinct

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