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In the interest excited by the fray, every one had left me except Marheyo, Kory-Kory and poor dear Fayaway, who clung to me, sobbing indignantly.
Certainly not," I replied indignantly, walking still faster.
I think the copy was shown to the editor of some magazine who rejected it indignantly on the sole ground that "the girl never says anything.
I'm looking at it on Ceefax right now," she said, indignantly.
He indignantly condemns a Private Brown who can't take it and early on leaves the line with the walking wounded.
Summary: Mary Khoury sits indignantly arranging printouts of the Lebanese flag under the scorching July sun -- a banner for her brother George, who for nearly a year now has been a hostage of the Nusra Front.
As conclusive proof of how unfair it all was, he unwraps his chip-soiled programme and indignantly points to the adjudicator's name at the bottom: "Dame Clara Teifi Jenkins B.
When he asked who she was, the girl indignantly replied that she had been regularly chatting with him over Facebook and had even deposited Rs51,000 in his Punjab National bank account as instructed.
Lord Burton, being indisposed, was unable to attend, but Lady Burton indignantly called upon Burtonians to act as Englishmen and redeem their character by giving the candidate a fair hearing.
Indignantly rejecting McFarlane's argument, David Lewis Schaefer declares that "Racism is the last cry of the defenders of incompetence.
As she indignantly explained to loony landlady Linda: "He tried to go through my drawers
I REMEMBER well being a teenager, indignantly telling my mum and dad that I absolutely should be able to go out and do what I wanted (all night if necessary), as I was old enough and deserved to be given my independence.