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Ah," he continued with a malicious snarl, "but the Earth man shall suffer for the indignities he has put upon the holy of holies, nor shall any vileness be too vile to inflict upon his princess.
At any rate, it sounded like the story of her woes and of all the indignities which had been wreaked upon her.
The ministers poured forth a recital of all the indignities and wrongs that had been heaped upon them.
Bradley felt his blood boil at sight of the cowardly indignities being heaped upon his men, and in the brief span of time occupied by the column to come abreast of where he lay hidden he made his plans, foolhardy though he knew them.
I suffered the last and worst of many indignities at my husband's hands--at the very time when I first saw, set plainly before me, the way to take his life.
Had you tempted him with a handful of fat caterpillars he even might have sufficiently unbended to narrate to you a few stories of the many indignities which Tarzan had heaped upon him by means of his hated rope; but then Tublat always worked himself into such a frightful rage when he devoted any considerable thought either to the rope or to Tarzan, that it might not have proved comfortable for you to have remained close enough to him to hear what he had to say.
I shall not be able to side with you openly, and, no matter what indignities may be put upon me, you are to remain likewise silent.
And the lofty pretensions of a mankind oppressed by the miserable indignities of the weather appeared as a colossal and hopeless vanity deserving of scorn, wonder, and compassion.
Many who did the asking remain keen followers to this day and the notion that, after the indignities heaped upon the Flat by those obsessed with change, the captivating race to be champion at Doncaster in November will be taken from us, is a shocking mistake too far.
He said: "The events that took place at Mid Staffordshire have been detailed in a number of reports, but most starkly - and movingly - by the first-hand accounts of relatives who witnessed appalling treatment of their loved ones, many of whom suffered wretched indignities in the final stages of their lives.
His bold stand on these issues is to be admired by so many of us who seem to be silent as the parade of indignities is rained on the Catholic community.
DIARY OF INDIGNITIES first came to light on the blog Bad News Hughes, documenting indignities generated by the author's life and talent for personal failure.