indirect influence

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Combine this with kids' pester power skills and parents overall desire to make their kids happy and ensure that what they buy does not go to waste, and it is clear that kids have significant direct and indirect influence over how moms and dads spend their money and make marketplace decisions.
The articles also address using a mentor to build a better relationship with a boss, deal with office politics, make enemies into allies, and use persuasion and indirect influence.
He said in stead of reducing the direct or indirect influence of the President on the constitution of the high courts, the government further enhanced it.
He said the decision to go ahead with their suspension had been twofold: to avoid the direct or indirect influence of witnesses and reasons of public interest.
What's more, according to Willie Miller, Fergie will be coming under the indirect influence of namesake United boss Sir Alex.
Under FA rules, players, managers or coaching staff are prohibited from betting on the result or progress of any match or competition in which they are participating or have any direct or indirect influence over.
Lobbyists may be held in check, but without a comprehensive gift ban there remain plenty of avenues for the well-connected to wield indirect influence, through business associates, individuals or groups.
A similar pattern developed in what Douglas calls the "Ottoman inheritance," where indirect influence rather than formal control had been the rule.
Indeed, the Sumerian of the bilingual version shows evidence of direct and indirect influence from the Akkadian translation or the Akkadian speech habits of the scribes who transmitted it.
While these folkloric sources likely had at best an indirect influence on peasant reflections on the frontier, the relatively "fresher" information that reached peasants through other village channels certainly had an impact.
As with beef, Irish exporters can have a surprisingly powerful indirect influence on the UK lamb trade.