indirect path

See: detour
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Selleck reveals his indirect path to success in Hollywood, and how he stays grounded by living out of the spotlight on his working ranch in California.
By looking beyond the region's Sunni Arab core, Israel could pave a more indirect path to peace, establishing greater political and military leverage in order to reach an accommodation on favorable terms.
The managing principal in charge of Cassidy Turley's New Jersey office has taken an indirect path to his brokerage career.
The airborne indirect path is sometimes referred to as breakout noise.
But luckily for today's astronomers, some of the light from the eruption took an indirect path to Earth and is just arriving now.
In other words, by comparing the direct and indirect path effects in these models, one can explore the mediating effects of brand equity and trust.
Therefore, our model favors an indirect path between arousal and motivation through affect (Paths 1 and 4) over a direct connection.
Born in 1974, El-Koussy took an indirect path to art.
A study found that the pathways between childhood abuse and neglect and violent criminal behaviour are different for men and women; for men childhood maltreatment has both a direct effect on aggressive behaviour and an indirect one, through alcohol, while for women, only the indirect path was found.
Yukihiko Yaguchi, the chief engineer for the IS F, followed an indirect path to creation of this car.

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