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6,9) To better understand the effect magnification has on human movement and control in operating a tool via indirect vision, medical researchers performed clinical experiments with 10 study participants.
Clair adenoid forceps (Karl Storz; Tuttlinger, Germany) under indirect vision with a laryngeal mirror.
In this study no correlation was found between the use of direct or indirect vision for unapproachable areas of the mouth and the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders.
The Council of Ministers adopted a common position on the proposal for a Directive on rear-view mirrors and supplementary systems for indirect vision on April 8 (amending Directive 70/156/EEC abrogating Directive 71/127/EEC).
Alternative solutions may include improved body mechanics, selecting lighter and larger handles for hand instruments, appropriate sharpening of hand instruments, using extraoral fulcrums and reinforced rests, selective polishing, stretching exercises, increasing use of indirect vision (use of mirror), or purchasing of an ergonomic chair with arm supports.
Ultra also supplies advanced sub-systems for modern armoured vehicles including those for electrical power management, indirect vision and weapon control.