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It is possible--I have often felt so much weakness in myself that I can conceive even a man of honorable disposition, such as I have always believed Lydgate to be, succumbing to such a temptation as that of accepting money which was offered more or less indirectly as a bribe to insure his silence about scandalous facts long gone by.
Even indirectly the history of the stage illustrates life, and affords many unexpected lights on historical characters.
Sir," he said, "you and I have discussed this matter indirectly more than once.
The fact is, he left my sister, Annabella, a legacy of rather a peculiar kind, saddled with certain conditions which indirectly affected me; but this passage of family history need not be produced just yet.
You don't like to be told, even indirectly, that you know nothing of Art.
Van Brandt; and not a word dropped from her lips which implied, directly or indirectly, that I had pained or disappointed her.
Eustace Macallan had expressed to them, directly or indirectly, any intention of obtaining arsenic, with a view to the improvement of her complexion.
So that in all cases, the average number of any animal or plant depends only indirectly on the number of its eggs or seeds.
But the only true America is that country where you are at liberty to pursue such a mode of life as may enable you to do without these, and where the state does not endeavor to compel you to sustain the slavery and war and other superfluous expenses which directly or indirectly result from the use of such things.
The beating of the heart, on the other hand, is involuntary: we can neither cause it nor prevent it by any decision of our own, except indirectly, as e.
Since he knew nothing of this, and drew his inspiration, not directly from life, but indirectly from life embodied in art, his inspiration came very quickly and easily, and as quickly and easily came his success in painting something very similar to the sort of painting he was trying to imitate.
I do not wish for your help at present, directly or indirectly.