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Indiscipline Sources said that the NDC had already extended the deadline for submitting their responses by one day, till 3 pm on April 20, but still Ajit Jha did not reply.
He said menace of indiscipline can prove very dangerous if not stopped at the domestic level.
That is bad news for staff, with indiscipline one of the key causes of stress for teachers, and bad news for the majority of pupils who are keen to learn.
Their indiscipline didn't help, however, and Luke Charteris was shown yellow for pulling a maul down after half an hour.
Reading the Concerted Indiscipline Act lacks the gravitas of the Riot Act, doesn't it?
On 68 minutes, with Fishguard down to 13 men due to indiscipline, Wattstown sub Nathan Bruford wriggled his way through for a fourth score, which he converted to make it 27-10.
However indiscipline hampered any chance of building on the 13-8 lead.
Minister of Corporate Affairs and Power Veerappa Moily on Sunday said that the government may enforce penalties on states and call for imprisonment of chief secretaries for their indiscipline in drawing excess power from the supply grids.
Atanasoska-Manasieva adds that the school fights that ended with murder, the reports of the educational inspectors for on the indiscipline and ignorance that dominates in schools, as well as the frequent complaints of professors that they cannot deal with students, confirm exactly this.
Summary: The Umm Al Quwain Educational Zone has reported better behaviour and a drop of 75 per cent in student indiscipline after installation of CCTV cameras in schools
Our indiscipline was inexcusable and at one stage we were down to 13 men.
Scudamore revealed all clubs, managers and referees had been in talks over the summer aimed at stamping out the indiscipline which blighted the English game last year.