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We live in an age that almost automatically dismisses seminal texts and ideas in favor of an indiscriminating neoterism.
It works despite the inherently "wild" voltage and amperage output of his custom homemade turbine because-in sharp contrast to motors and electronic devices-resistance heaters are relatively indiscriminating about the current they are fed.
In an age when notions of what constitutes culture are being continually redefined, partly due to the indiscriminating (and unregulated) tsunami of electronic media, what do we expect from the buildings that contain it, disseminate it, engage with it and preserve it?
Unproductive or negative thinking dispositions are likely to result in hasty, narrow-minded, indiscriminating and haphazard ways of thinking.
During the obscene attack on the impoverished refugee camp of Jenin where UN-funded hospitals and medical equipment had been destroyed, where special schools for the blind and the deaf and the orphanages funded by the YMCA and other international charitable organisations had been reduced to rubble, where dense pockets of refugee populations have suffered indiscriminating bombing from the air, silence.
Caddy's indiscriminating love is probably the most beautiful, and the most real, gift Benji is ever awarded.
Both sides, in developing absolute and indiscriminating interpretations of privacy or the right to know, fail to face the difficult prudential question: What exactly entails information that the public ought to know?
Writing in a lively journalistic style, Martin is much more an indiscriminating reporter than scholar.
He was indiscriminating about the text if the cover was attractive: I still have a book, Marigold and Dandelion, which I treasured for its embossed green cover from the age of four but didn't read until I was twenty-five, long anticipating the inevitable disappointment.
It cannot be denied that girls of the lower middle classes are often prone to it; and there are thousands of young men who have no feminine acquaintances in the great towns and cities where they live, and who are found responsive to this indiscriminating mode of making acquaintances .