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The question remains, however: if pluralism continues unchecked by any essentializing theories of ceramics and any standard modes of criticism that progressively align practice toward these theories must we simply accept indiscrimination in contemporary ceramics?
Leavis's achievement as an English literary critic and teacher illustrates the kind of commitment that aspires to excellence even in the midst of the relativism and indiscrimination that are symptomatic of the ills of education.
Under "m" Marlowe discusses money: "The peculiar status of heroin as an addictive commodity, purchased with avidity yet owned with no tenderness, influences those who use it for a long time, infecting all transactions, commercial and social, with a trademark distance and indiscrimination.
The UN has themed the renewed occasion for aiding the poor as, "acting together to eradicate poverty and indiscrimination.
Zahid Hussain,an officer of NBP Sialkot through his counsel Mian Jaffer Hussain pleaded that his Incharge Foreign Exchange Department of NBP was compulsorily retired in same case of issuance of bogus letter of credit,while he was dismissed which is indiscrimination.
Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattooobserved that the indiscrimination application of law was essential that wouldearn the appreciation and respect of the people.
Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif should do politics of Pakistan instead of GT road and Lahore", said Memon urging Nawaz Sharif to refrain from dictatorial attitude and indiscrimination towards Sindh.
Plump ruby colored lips dissolved into a little boy's puddle of blood with seamless indiscrimination.
The next target was to make another senior figure from Telangana -- deputy Chief Minister -- to placate the feelings of indiscrimination in the region.
A person guilty of indiscrimination tends to stereotype, as does Madame.