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Chapter Nine focuses on the indispensability argument.
Second, the indispensability argument even at its boldest does not hold the existence of particular mathematical objects hostage to the needs of empirical science.
There is much of interest in Enoch's discussion of the Argument from Indispensability, not the least of which is his understanding of how indispensability arguments are meant to work generally, which may be of special interest to philosophers of science.
So, with these costs in view, reflection on merely possible scenarios seems to provide strong evidence for the indispensability of singular thought and the inadequacy of the Generalist's purely qualitative view of thought.
Long controversial, Keeley's indispensability to Riordan has long gone unchallenged - a strongman with total operational control over the budget, airports, harbor, police, city attorney, water and power, public works, general services, etc.
To this end he identifies what he calls Wesley's "orienting concern" (responsible grace), which emphasizes the fundamental role of God's grace (affording "response-ability"), while preserving the indispensability of human response to and in God's gracious gifts.
The details of Nagel's account of the indispensability of indexical thought are questionable, but the fact of its indispensability is acknowledged.
This demographics induced trend is translating into increased market opportunities for blood gas testing, given its indispensability in evaluating pulmonary and respiratory functioning, which are both essential in determining follow-up treatment strategies.
More than that, it manages to bring out the nobility and indispensability of the teaching profession.
Mathematical Explanation and Indispensability Arguments, CHRIS DALY and SIMON LANGFORD
The feeling of indispensability has, in fact, quite a lot to do with the psychological "need to be needed", that is to say insecurity, and this unfortunately shows up many times in those of only average talent.
As a City Hall power game swirls around his supposed indispensability as a public servant, a more prudent Keeley might have been better cast as ``I Don't Know,'' the comedians' designated third-baseman.