indispensable condition

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The taking of a modern steamship about the world (though one would not minimize its responsibilities) has not the same quality of intimacy with nature, which, after all, is an indispensable condition to the building up of an art.
In turn, the delegation stressed that "dialogue is an indispensable condition for ensuring diversity in Lebanon and strengthening it.
It is also an indispensable condition for achieving the full development of the individual and establishing the principles of transparency and accountability, as a fundamental factor for the promotion and protection of human rights, as well as the fundamental basis for the full enjoyment of a wide range of other human rights, including the right to freedom of assembly and association and the exercise of the right to participate in public affairs.
It is the confirmation of the role of state promoter and regulator, as a factor and condition of stimulating private investment, an indispensable condition for the fulfillment of its purposes aimed at satisfying the needs of the population," he stressed.
Society must bind itself to the will of God, Asad stated, and "the organization of an Islamic state or states is an indispensable condition of Islamic life in the true sense of the word.
As Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf 'intolerance becomes an indispensable condition in imposing one's own norms and notions on others.
Pointing out the importance of separation of powers in the country, BaE-er also wrote: "An indispensable condition for democracy is the existence of separation of powers.
Citing a break with Eurocentrism as an indispensable condition for a true universalization of critical theory, Gandler presents the Mexican contribution to the renewal of critical Marxism while critically explaining the thought of Adolfo S<AEa>nchez V<AEa>zques and Bol<AEi>var Echeverr<AEi>a--their biography, the evolution of their ideas, the complete bibliography of their works, and their convergences and divergences.
15, 2008), the freedom of speech "is an indispensable condition for nearly every other form of freedom.
As my dad explained in 2007, part of the reason they have succeeded is that they "continue to insist on political independence as the indispensable condition [of social progress]".
Shoesmith focuses his chapter on the political parties of Timor-Leste, affirming that 'a competitive party system is the indispensable condition for a consolidated democracy' (p.
But how can you strengthen the defence when you distrust, demoralize or insult the defenders of the country, or fail to strengthen the economy which is an indispensable condition to strong defence.