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Photonics customers indirectly but indispensably benefit from iXBlue's invaluable system know-how, acquired through extensive FOG-based navigation system offering and global customer base in offshore and defense applications.
In its decline and starting with the early 19th century, the Ottoman Empire voluntarily or indispensably showed closer interest in Europe's affairs and model after many of its enviable developments and achievements.
Indispensably, all materials implanted into body for cartilage regeneration should be of good biocompatibility, which does not elicit an immunological or clinically detectable foreign body reaction.
Among those it indispensably supported the monograph production which resulted in 60 monographs published in six consecutive volumes until 1999.
A few words should be spent to summarize what Arts had been in its days (although an indispensably wider historical context will be provided by Marc Dambre in the pages that follow).
Nott sought in the orations and manuscript to prove that Blacks and Whites were two permanently distinct and unequal species, he remarks, "Before entering upon the natural history of the human race, it is indispensably necessary, as a preliminary step, to examine some points in chronology, and to take a glance at the early history of Egypt.
That has not just scuttled the vital understandings that he needs so indispensably for good governance.
Beholding crisis and opportunity, confusion and certainty, skepticism and faith, intolerance and harmony, localism and globalism, our time has indispensably witnessed the sine qua non of positivity reflected in the rule of law for guiding and governing us.
Knowledge of the triune God indispensably accompanies and deepens Christian conversion and the experience of salvation (Jn 17:3).
For a consumer, a customer, the value of the service is indispensably connected with the real value of the advantage, distributed in his favor.
I pointed out that the county commissioners had indispensably assisted the city of Florence in paying for the Florence Events Center.
33) There is no doubt that this was one of the very best guarded secrets of all time, because nothing was put in writing and because nobody except the minimum number of senior officers who were indispensably concerned in the operation were told anything about it.