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If not specially observed, it was observable that while a Frayser who was not the proud possessor of a sumptuous copy of the ancestral "poetical works" (printed at the family expense, and long ago withdrawn from an inhospitable market) was a rare Frayser indeed, there was an illogical indisposition to honor the great deceased in the person of his spiritual successor.
Nicholas waved his hand carelessly, and concealing the indisposition he really felt, now that the excitement which had sustained him was over, took a hurried farewell of Newman Noggs, and left him.
I answered composedly all inquiries respecting my health; and whatever was unusual in my look or manner was generally attributed to the trifling indisposition that had occasioned my early retirement last night.
Your mother, my dear Esther, is, I regret to say, suffering from a slight indisposition," he remarked.
His young wife, so Venden told the story--he had been married half a year--was at church with her mother, and suddenly overcome by indisposition, arising from her interesting condition, she could not remain standing, she drove home in the first sledge, a smart-looking one, she came across.
Indisposition was the excuse, and I thought Sir Percival looked, as well he might, a little annoyed when he heard of it.
For that gentleman, on account of Dolly's indisposition, had been requested to take his supper in the workshop, and it was conveyed thither by Miss Miggs's own fair hands.
Pickwick, with sundry blushes, produced the following little tale, as having been 'edited' by himself, during his recent indisposition, from his notes of Mr.
The little man shook his head, and scratched it ruefully as he contemplated this severe indisposition of a principal performer.
Summary: Aden, Yemen, 15 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1431 / 21 November 2010, SPA -- Mansour bin Atiytallah Al-Mazmoumi, Saudi Consul General in Aden, appealed to Allah Almighty for the quick recovery of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud from the health indisposition he was complaining.
Maybe the difficult music hadn't yet fully settled into her voice, or maybe she hadn't quite recovered from her own indisposition, which had afflicted the first performance of the revival's run and kept her out of the second.
Cast indisposition meant a delayed start to Thursday's Welsh National Opera presentation of Katya Kabanova.