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It cannot be said then that the council had the intention of solemnly defining marriage's indissolubility as a truth of faith.
The mutual personal gift of the spouses also demands the indissolubility of the mutual bond that they have established with their gift.
42) Indissolubility and the baptismal analogy appear to be the key: Just as baptism makes the initiate a member of the church united indissolubly to Christ, so marriage signifies an indissoluble bond in the married couple, which, as in baptism, no one can dissolve.
Ultimately, it is from the logic of total giving, the essence of marriage, that "the indissolubility of the conjugal bond must be seen more deeply.
In section 2, William Roberts reflects on the themes of marital partnership, intimacy, and sacramentality, insightfully connecting the latter with baptism, Eucharist, reconciliation, and the priesthood of believers, inviting us beyond the link to indissolubility.
Jesus' insistence on the indissolubility of a union "which God has joined" was taken as the moral norm in the early church.
In the matter of the indissolubility of marriage, for both parties until death do them part cannot be bridged, even if one is unfaithful to his or her marital vow and the other is not.
The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Wednesday reminded the faithful that the Church's stand on the indissolubility and unity of marriage will not change despite the simplified and shortened process of annulling marriages.
The sixty pages of the Supplement are divided under ten headings, each of which indicates major deficiencies in the theology of the Catechism, some of them straightforward omissions: 1) Creation (specifically the existence of angels and devils; also the direct creation of the human soul); 2) Original Sin (and sin in general); 3) The Virgin Birth; 4) The Satisfaction offered by Jesus to the Father; 5) The Sacrifice of the Mass; 6) The Eucharistic Presence and Change; 7) Infallibility of the Church; 8) Priesthood and Authority in the Church; 9) Various points of dogmatic theology (including the nature of Jesus, miracles, and life after death); 10) Various points of moral theology (including the married state and the indissolubility of marriage).
Thus has modern family law on indissolubility failed to base itself on sure anthropological footings.