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Our goal is to estimate the advantage of A in the indistinguishability game specified by Definition 2 when y [left arrow] Enc([m.
Along these lines, the Chinese SAC has developed the concept of dual deterrence, which regards nuclear forces as capable of deterring both nuclear and conventional conflicts through reinforcing the already problematic dynamic of target indistinguishability.
The computational indistinguishability follows the semantic security of the cryptosystem, the randomness of the permutation operations, and the security of the secure comparison algorithm and the threshold decryption algorithm.
the physical observables, are actually properties of the phase space rather than properties of specific particles, whence the indistinguishability of identical particles here inferred as a corollary of eqs (1,1); (x) the numbers of states are here simply counted; (xi) the positions (1,2) are consistent with the concept of classical coordinate in the limit case [DELTA]x [right arrow] 0, which means that the random local variable [x.
The second chapter, "Reading Indistinction: Desire, Indistinguishability, and Metonymic Reading in Richard Crashaw's Religious Lyrics," focuses on the multiple relationships existing between God and his devotees.
The film ultimately stages the indistinguishability between first and second nature that is the paradigm of biopolitical governmentality.
The result is the kind of gray mediocrity and bureaucratic indistinguishability typical of late communism.
And the film's adoption of tropes from costume dramas and soap operas also appears significant--it shifts Kirschner and Panos's art close enough to mainstream entertainment to suggest that the distinction between political critique and the culture industry has collapsed to the point of indistinguishability.
It enacts simultaneously the irreversible complicity of the reader and the activation of extreme movement, which makes the imagined circumscribe the unimaginable and confounds reality and fiction to a point of indistinguishability.
Symmetric encryption scheme Y = (E, D) is an encryption scheme with passive indistinguishability defined in Definition 3.
Marji remains isolated from her classmates, even though Satrapi clearly suggests her own indistinguishability from them.
John is Philip's other self: their souls are knitted together to the point of indistinguishability, evoking the ideal of self-effacing friendship that Montaigne describes in his essay 'Of Friendship' (1580): (35)