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In the final chapter of Mayor, Hardy evokes Elizabeth-Jane's widest views in her mature life, and, in that evocation, her perspective intermingles indistinguishably with Hardy's own:
Feldman played a strong role in shaping these films as a producer and his role as agent to these stars here merged indistinguishably from his role as a producer.
Two of the company's latest are variants on the six-shot 856 theme, an almost indistinguishably larger version of the five-shot.
The new concept of infinity was achieved out of the disquisitions on the One where intellectual agents combined indistinguishably with religious ones.
The case of same-sex marriages illustrates the idealization of semantic fields by the courts so that the term "marriage" now apparently applies indistinguishably to same-sex couples and to heterosexual couples.
These highly delicate, tentative, "lyrical essays," as some have called them, often work indistinguishably from her prose poems and, indeed, her poetry too; as she put it in interview, "a whole poem of mine is a sentence composed of sound lines" ("Daniel Kane Interviews Fanny Howe" qtd.
The predominant color and proximity of the pieces bears the danger of pulling the works indistinguishably into one another, a mass of red and similarly positioned models.
Sudanese tribal groups used to reconcile their disputes amicably and live in amity, friendly relations and harmony since time immemorial regardless of whether claiming African or Arab descents, in truth, both are indistinguishably black
Despite the fact that the age ranges for reporting deaths and positive tests are not the same, it is clear enough that the highest rates of testing HIV positive (numbers in bold) and the highest death-rates (X, XX, and XXX) are indistinguishably the same within the unavoidable uncertainty of comparing data averaged over non-superposable 10-year ranges: the peak rates overlap or straddle one another in 12 of 13 instances, and the exception is for a group whose very small numbers make it least reliable.
While we have treated all stores indistinguishably, given the diversity of the afore-cited comments, the findings reported here may be contingent on finer-grained differences, such as whether the store manager perceives their store as a specialty, shopping, or convenience store.
In the public sphere, where individuals meet as equals, their competing self-interests are (in favorable circumstances) governed by some impartial form of morality, each to count for one and none for more than one, all indistinguishably ends-in-themselves, and that sort of thing.
2007) have shown that people with severe impairment to their episodic memory perform indistinguishably from healthy controls on objective Theory of Mind tests.