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And with what quill did the Secretary of the Society for the Suppression of Cruelty to Ganders formally indite his circulars?
Indict - often written wrongly as indite - was third.
The ICC cahrged the 65-year-old Bashir with five charges of crimes against humanity, two counts of war crimes for murdering, exterminating, torturing and forcibly transfering populations in Darfur, but did not indite him for genocide.
William Shakespeare provided characters like the Nurse from Romeo and Juliet ("she will indite him to some supper") (14) and Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing ("O villain
Who shall indite aright this course partite for a five-jog knight?
He tends to preach rather too much and his call for some sort of mass reparation to the descendants of enslaved Africans fails to indite those who originally sold these wretched people into slavery.
My late father was a man of many songs of which I have retained to memory about 60 and to indite these with piano arrangements would involve much time and consequently, a monetary consideration.
Nevertheless, the violence of the speaker's actions invites scrutiny since the exaggerated "perdition" and "slaughter" appear to indite not only the gardener, but also the agricultural scientists who have advocated such drastic measures.
Harrison, allots most of his sixteen pages to discussion of early works, such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Art Catholic poems, Christina Rossetti's verses for The Germ, Morris' "The Defence of Guenevere," and finally Swinburne's "Laus Veneris," in which Riede finds a common programmatic effort to indite "poetry about poetry [or] poetic 'mystery' in aesthetic beauty" (p.