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137: of Keats and his use of Miltonic inversion which old Thing-em-a-bob and his like are now inditing.
James Buchanan, The British Grammar: or, Essay, in four parts, Towards Speaking and Writing the English Language Grammatically, and Inditing Elegantly (London, 1762) xiv.
Three Purcell anthems Rejoice in the Lord Always, My Beloved Spake and My Heart is Inditing were rather mixed in delivery, with solo groups puny at times in projection and timbre, but with crisp, thrilling diction from the sonorous full chorus.
Topping the bill is the psalm setting Dixit Dominus, followed by Let God Arise - one of the 12 Chandos anthems - and ending with those anthems Handel composed for the 1727 coronation of George II, the ever-popular Zadok the Priest, The King Shall Rejoice and My Heart is Inditing.
DAY, Angel (1592) The English Secretorie, wherein is contayned a perfect method, for the inditing of all manner of epistles and familiar letters, together with their diuersities, enlarged by examples vnder their seuerall tytles.
could I scale Parnassus, where the Muses sit inditing Those pretty poems never known to fail, How quickly would I print (the world delighting) A Grecian, Syrian, or Assyrian tale; And sell you, mixed with western sentimentalism, Some samples of the finest Orientalism.
Fleming, Abraham, A Panoplie of Epistles contayning a Perfect Plaitforme of Inditing Letters of All Sorts.
I cannot learn the habit of writing publicly', Flanner writes to Murray in a letter of 23 January 1944, 'of inditing a letter to you, or even to my family, which is read by eyes that have never seen anything of me but my thoughts and those without interest.
Nicolson as the incarnation of the patriarchal figure satirized in A Room of One's Own, inditing the zillionth life of Napoleon.
Listen to just a bit of his description of the Victorian philosopher John Stuart Mill, an "administrative piston" at the East India Company for 35 years: "Most of his active life was passed at the end of that 100-yard-long gaslit corridor in Leadenhall Street, behind a thick green baize door, in a high bare office smelling of coconut matting and ink and coal dust, inditing the sealed instructions of Imperial administration.
13) Cecil then returned to London while James continued his leisurely progress, attended by Henry Lord Howard, who by 25 April (when Howard wrote Cecil that James had decided upon his new Lord Chamberlain), was already entrusted with overseeing access to the king and inditing letters for him (Hatfield, 15:58).