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Some 160 youngsters struggling to keep up with their Year One classmates were involved in the 20-week programme receiving intensive, individual teaching.
three main themes and 22 subthemes where teachers can search for relevant resources to support their individual teaching programs
Wegmann - University of Central Florida, recipient of the 2009 Sloan-C individual teaching award; Burks Oakley II - University of Illinois Springfield, non-voting committee chair, recipient of the 2003 Sloan-C individual achievement award.
Instructors can easily adapt this activity to their own individual teaching situations and student populations.
Up to 20 hours a week of individual teaching in English and maths will be available for seven to 14-year-olds who have fallen behind.
What it would do is allow much more individual teaching which means there is more time to concentrate on meeting the learning needs and requirements of each child.
The focus at the academy will be on offering individual teaching 364 days of the year.
The application of this technology with individual teaching seems worthwhile.
how to combine individual teaching styles with effective delivery of the curriculum).
On November 19, the day before the convention, Nicole and Christoph will be also be holding individual teaching sessions.
No two children create the same conclusions, draw alike, model alike, design alike, choose the same colors, even under the most rigid of copy-book methods, For this important fact, we need more individual teaching, smaller classes, more opportunities for activity, and experimentation.
Research dedicated to the individual teaching strategies of lecture and discussion in higher education is expansive.

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