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However, both aspects of individual trait variation are fundamentally joined by their influence on individual life history traits which ultimately determine population level phenomena through individual growth, maturation, reproduction and survival.
However, the mother-of-two believes that handwriting is a very individual trait.
An individual trait has become a societal bane so much so that it affects even our culture.
The factors are modeled as direct influences on the risk an entrepreneur perceives in a venture, with the individual trait, the entrepreneur's personal risk propensity, hypothesized as a variable that moderates the amount of risk they perceive.
Traditionally, literature on race and crime has failed to problematize both these notions, seeing "race" as an individual trait and crime as an objective fact.
However, Grosser rightly notes the modernity inherent in seeing style not only as a means of understanding the work, but as a distinctly individual trait of authors and their texts (134).
This approach also helps detect genetic variations that might otherwise be missed because they have relatively subtle effects on any individual trait, but are important because they contribute to a number of correlated traits.
Besides leadership, what individual trait proves the most overridingly important?
Pioneer Hi-Bred's proprietary trait optimization technology of gene shuffling includes multiple formats and methods that are tailored for each individual trait," says Linda Castle, research coordinator at the Pioneer Research campus in Redwood City, Calif.
In 1999, biometrics was introduced to identify individual traits based on behavioural and physiological characteristics of individuals that could not be replicated easily.
Biometric devices are pattern recognition systems which use the mathematical algorithms to identify and authenticate an individual by measuring and analyzing the already fed biometric data of those individual traits.
Frequent amendments to the PJCYH rules referring to scoring of the individual traits and calculating the final score significantly impede the estimation of genetic parameters of traits evaluated during competitions.

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