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Vertical individualism perceiving the self as fully autonomous, but recognizing that inequality will exist among individuals and that accepting this inequality.
Triandis (1995) echoed the opinion of Hofstede (1980) that the individualism-collectivism division does not constitute bipolar contrasts along the continuum, yet adopted a differing parlance to frame individualism and collectivism into idiocentrism and allocentrism, respectively.
Verdict Financial's "Customer Segmentation in UK Insurance: Individualism" focuses on one of eight attitudinally based consumer segments in our proprietary model - individualism - and explores this trait in relation to the market for key financial products.
Hypothesis 1: Compared to older generations, younger generations of Chinese employees will display an increased level of vertical individualism.
Like the Pope, Erdo blamed materialism and individualism for the decline of Christianity in Europe.
So the classical-liberal polity is itself, by the tenets of such individualism, no more than some people's preference, one that others may not share, quite legitimately.
They further said that individualism and terrorism does not affect only economy of a country but also the psyche of the people.
Manager who scored high on collectivism would have higher job satisfaction than managers who scored high on individualism.
About Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute: The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute (RIFI) is a non-profit educational organization that runs weekend and week-long Great Connections Seminars for high school, college, and graduate students, and adults.
It's a commonplace of this literature to contrast the collectivism of the post-war years with the individualism of neoliberal or postmodern culture.
Political scientist Hall views the family as the root of social individualism that can resist political extremism from either side and advocates family forms facilitating the social individualism that Edmund Burke and Montesquieu believe to be the foundation for political moderation.
More recently, Komarraju and Cokley (2008) found that African Americans were higher on horizontal individualism compared to European Americans who were higher on horizontal collectivism and vertical individualism.