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The hypothesis predicted that collectivistic Web site appeals would be more conducive to multitasking among Chinese American Internet users than individualistic appeals.
However, in collective societies people are more concerned with the relationship with other people, so the achievement is not just about me, it could be me with other people's support, which is much less individualistic.
Markus and Kitayama (1991) suggested that people in collectivist societies tend to have higher interdependent and lower independent self-construal, whereas the opposite relationship is expected in individualistic societies.
The wearer's personality is reflected by the frame's modern structure of a milled titanium front, individualistic temples with the three rhythmic bevel slits and masculine dual colours.
On the other hand, they suggest that those raised in individualistic cultures are much more likely to see themselves as being stable, in terms of attitudes, rights, and personality, with their environment being the variable that should change to fit the individual.
Nevertheless, one study showed that groups composed of people from collectivist cultural traditions would display more cooperative behavior than groups composed of people from individualistic cultural traditions (Cox et al.
The result is an unacknowledged bias towards individualistic explanations for motivation--"causation"--that undermines any effort to understand the role of social position in the formation of subjectivity, in the very process of "self-definition" that Kern posits as the fundamental aim of human motivation.
Readers who stop with Kant's most well-known works on ethics, The Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals and the Critique of Practical Reason, generally conclude that his vision of ethics is at once individualistic and optimistic.
First, all my reading and personal experiences convince me that Christian fundamentalists are absolutely wedded to unregulated, individualistic capitalism (i.
Greenfield (1994) discusses the issues surrounding individualism and collectivism as cultural scripts contrasting American European and Western European cultures as more individualistic compared to African, Asian, Latin American, and Native American (indigenous).
Readers will discover a progressive understanding of generally con-temporary constructs of Christian understandings on the social conditions, individualistic, and scientific progression that form public perspective of bio-ethics and the modern pursuit of a greater scientific understanding of the truths that define life.
The Disheveled Bed is an eclectic and highly intimate anthology of the most engaging and inspiring philosophical poetry showcasing the conceptual and individualistic style of Andrea Carter Brown.