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Like other individualists, Tucker watched this growth of the state and became pessimistic.
These individualists seem to delight in intellectual combat, pursuing abrasive confrontation in order to advance theft own standing and reputation.
Fincher and his three co-authors compared data on individualist vs.
The author tells us that it had been his intention "to trace the intellectual origins of |the New Right' " but discovered that "although the Individualists were the precursors of the free marketeers of the 1970s and 1980s, they did not provide the inspiration for New Right theorists.
These are further characterized according to 17 Value Portraits: For ages 45-61, Status Seekers, Anxious Achievers, Woeful Worriers II, Intense Individualists II, Happy Helpers, Educated Aficionados, Modern Moralists, Low-energy Loners and Aloof Affluents; and for ages 62 plus, True-blue Believers, Hearth and Homemakers, Woeful Worriers, In-charge Intellectuals, Liberal Loners, Fiscal Conservatives, Intense Individualists and Active Achievers.
Old Right journalist Albert Jay Nock believed, with much evidence, that individualists were "superfluous men" in Roosevelt's America.
Before we tell his feel-good story, though, here's a brief look at the lovable menagerie of individualists with which Saturday's hero fits so well.
Here he challenges the views of historians who have portrayed the Eastern European immigrants either as unique upwardly mobile economic individualists or as inchoate members of the collective mass of English workers.
Today's upscale business and leisure travelers are self-reliant individualists who depend on their own instincts and strive for a less complicated lifestyle.
A harsh climate has taught its individualists to cooperate for mutual survival, and that is reflected in questionnaire scores indicating a high value placed upon individual fulfillment through developing and sustaining others.
And for all of the stereotypes of Asians as conformists, there seems to be a big place for individualists and nonconformists in Hong Kong cinema.
We tend to assume, Skocpol argues, that 19th-century Americans were rugged individualists who disdained government handouts.