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Satisfaction was the dependent variable regressed on the Individualization and Task Orientation subscales, the independent variables, using simultaneous entry.
Individualization will deliver better implants, faster and easier surgery and better patient outcome.
Most of the critics and researchers have pointed at speech individualization as one of the merits in Pasternak's translations.
My findings point to a partial individualization of intimate life among my participants, the persistence of familism as a significant meaning-constitutive tradition, and a waning of the regulative elements of familism.
A stohastic solution of print individualization is a border area of digital printing.
O'Brien stresses that the ORM software is not "customizable" but "configurable," meaning that the focus is on the design of process activities and the amount of individualization is limited.
is very concerned about the individualization and privatization of religion in the modern world so much so that religion is compartmentalized out of the rest of our life.
It tackles a range of aspects of youth transition including individualization, the impact of the transition to modernity, the pressure of globalization, trends in youth identity, the role of young people in the process of social reproduction, and changes in the status and position of youth in the world of education and work.
First, however, will be a philosophical debate between those who believe in a collective Social Security system and those who believe in more individualization.
But the road map varies with individual differences and deviations allowing for room within which individualization may present itself.
Success) is going to depend on the individualization of the fitness program.
Although most CNAs agreed that individualization was preferable, nursing home baths are not always influenced by what the resident likes because of time pressures and staffing constraints.

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