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The in vivo probing with the FN system showed a highly fluorescent lymphatic flow in the internal iliac region after direct injection of indocyanine green (ICG); B: Pattern diagram of lymphatic vessels visualized by the FN system; C: The highly fluorescent region was not evident in a fluorescence image taken after LN dissection; D: Naked-eye examination confirmed that there were no residual LNs; E: LNs stained with ICG were not evident to the naked eye; F: In ex vivo probing with the FN system, the fluorescence of the internal iliac and obturator LN was greater than that of the external iliac LN.
Indocyanine green elimination rate detects hepatocellular dysfunction early in septic shock and correlates with survival.
Killory BD, Nakaji P, Gonzales LE Ponce FA, Wait SD, Spetzler RE Prospective evaluation of surgical microscope-integrated intraoperative near-infrared indocyanine green angiography during cerebral arteriovenous malformation surgery.
Tracheal anastomosis using indocyanine green dye enhanced fibrinogen with a near-infrared diode laser.
Binding of sulfobromophthalein (BSP) sodium and indocyanine green by plasma [alpha]-1 lipoproteins.
To ensure successful revascularization and allograft perfusion during pancreas transplantation, the Baylor Regional Transplant Institute began using intraoperative fluorescence imaging (IFI) with indocyanine green (ICG).
They also include extensive articles on the basic principles and interpretation of imaging modalities such as flourescein angiography, indocyanine green angiography, optical coherence tomography, optical coherence tomographic ophthalmology, ultrasound, scanning laser tomography, scanning laser polarimetry, the retinal thickness analyzer, adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy, and imaging of ocular blood flow.
After dissecting the renal vessels and tumour, renal ultrasound was performed and subsequently 2 cc indocyanine green (ICG) dye was injected prior to near-infrared (NIR) imaging to identify renal vessels and for imaging differentiated renal parenchyma and mass (Fig.
Prone positioning, systemic hemodynamics, hepatic indocyanine green kinetics, and gastric intramucosal energy balance in patients with acute lung injury.
Substances used to calculate flow include indocyanine green (ICG) [8], which has a high hepatic extraction ratio of 70-96%.
The hepatocytes exhibited functional hepatic characteristics such as glycogen storage, indocyanine green uptake and release, and albumin secretion.
Fluorescein angiography and Indocyanine green angiography