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Watching Hamm and his cast-mates disconsolately puffing away, I miss the nicotine choreography--the furious mouth-stabbers, the indolently confident Ex-GI Droop, the women mysteriously able to finish a cigarette without once being observed bringing it to their lips--that individualized the habit and was half of its usefulness as social weaponry.
If the purpose for stopping is Salah, they should all be praying not standing around indolently.
As usual, she was driving, while I was lolling, somewhat indolently, in the passenger seat.
Arab fighters engage to the death; women lounge indolently, with opium pipe nearby, in never visited (by European men) yet imagined North African harems; ruthless Ottoman executioners sever heads inches from viewers with blood trickling toward them, as in Henri Regnault's, Execution without Judgment under the Moorish Kings of Granada (1870, Musee d'orsay, Paris).
33) Herman Snow, writing for the travel magazine Overland Monthly, argued that just as polygamy gave "to the Turk his stolid self-conceit, as he indolently surveys his extensive harem of human toys" and filled "the American Indian with haughty vanity, as he stalks along in paint and feathers" with his laboring squaws behind him, so too did it cause the Mormon patriarch "to vaunt himself with outrageous self-conceit.
In the third scene of the ballet, the statuesque man is seen indolently lying around his chamber on a couch playing with a coconut.
Airdrie have more of the ball and more of the ideas, but rarely keep Raith keeper David McGurn from indolently sucking at his water bottle.
The boy yawned indolently and rubbed his drowsy eyes.
Like Mark Antony, for days and days along his green-turfed, flowery Nile, he indolently floats, openly toying with his red-cheeked Cleopatra, ripening his apricot thigh upon the sunny deck.
Chronic leukemias, on the other hand, behave more indolently and usually progress over a period of years.
Indeed, to follow the monetary logic symbolized in this story, Keola has as much right as Kalamake to this indolently luxurious lifestyle: if money is not the sign of physical labour or services, then it is merely a premium paid to exclusive knowledge, namely the knowledge of the secret origin of money.
Most of the time the genteel reader reclines languorously on a sofa, indolently flipping pages, quietly scanning words.