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Despite this apparent dependency on the father, the patient was the inducer.
Keywords: Inducer lines; Tropical maize; Seed; Colchicine; Herbicides; Pendimethalin
In general, inducers of CYP enzymes stimulate gene transcription within hours of exposure; maximum transcriptional activity occurs after 10 to 12 hours of exposure.
Xylose has been described as an effective inducer and carbon source for xylanase production in several microorganisms including A.
Gall inducers Average Region Site species o range Coiba Island 17 sites 59 1-19 Mainland 9 sites 0-19 Panama Park.
We numerically investigated the flow in an inducer, which has two blades manufactured from a straight hydrofoil cascade.
Role of chemical inducers in larval metamorphosis of queen conch, Strombus gigas Linnaeus: relationship to other marine invertebrate systems.
MX126374 is a novel, cell-cycle-dependent inducer of apoptosis that has been shown to be selective for breast and colorectal cancer cells in preclinical testing.
The carbohydrates used as carbon sources and enzyme inducers were: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC, type 7HF, Aqualon Company), microcrystalline cellulose and xylan (Sigma Chemical Company).
are clearly established as potent inducers of metamorphosis in several groups, although they are ineffective in some species and actually inhibit metamorphosis in others (Rittschof et al.
Among these, Roskam (1992) suggested that the inquilines evolved from gall inducers in the tribe Aylacini, and Ritchie (1984) specifically postulated an origin from the genus Diastrophus.