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Bucket when a maiden, and inducing her to approach the altar--Mr.
He had great difficulty in inducing them to inspect the dead Chinaman, and at last led them to him.
Seal, on the landing outside the office, inducing a very large dog to drink water out of a tumbler.
Deputations without and voices within had concurred in inducing that philanthropist to take a stronger measure than usual for the good of mankind; namely, to withdraw in favor of another candidate, to whom he left the advantages of his canvassing machinery.
She had been perfectly sure that the enamored Billy had no chance at all of inducing Anne to marry him.
And so, with mad antics, leaping, reeling, and over-balancing, we danced and sang in the sombre twilight of the primeval world, inducing forgetfulness, achieving unanimity, and working ourselves up into sensuous frenzy.
We have appeared to help you, without really doing so; we calculated on inducing you to marry my brother, and then
In the present case, his dearest interests were concerned in inducing Isabel to reconsider her decision.
He proposes to try hot lemonade as a means of inducing perspiration in bed.
I s'pose you never said your prayers until we got you to go to church," said Felicity--who had had no hand in inducing Peter to go to church, but had stoutly opposed it, as recorded in the first volume of our family history.
There are two other chances of finding her (of a more speculative kind) which can only be tested by inducing two men (both equally difficult to deal with) to confess what they know.
Squeers with some difficulty inducing the pony to obey also, they started off, leaving the cart-load of infant misery to follow at leisure.