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INDUCTION, eccles. law. The giving a clerk, instituted to a benefice, the actual possession of its temporalties, in the nature of livery of seisin. Ayl. Parerg. 299.

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Once again, note that Equation 4 clearly shows that the value of the inductance will change quickly with the loop area, and much more slowly with the conductor size.
Working with Sequence, we developed a new clock analysis methodology taking inductance into account as well, significantly improving our results and overall quality of the design.
The via inductance is often more critical (to digital design) than its capacitance.
To keep the switching noise below an acceptable level, keep the mutual inductance in nH below 2.
The goal in most interconnects associated with the power delivery network is to reduce the loop inductance of the power-return path as much as possible.
5 nsec, with a 50 [ohm] impedance environment and a total inductance for the return or ground lead of 2 nH, when any signal line makes up the rest of the loop.
With our solution for large SoC inductance extraction, we continue our leadership in supplying the most advanced techniques for high complexity, high performance SoC design," said Gerald C.
There is a simple relationship between the total loop inductance of a line, the time delay of the line and its characteristic impedance:
The 0603E series consists of 20 products covering inductance values from 2 to 12 nanohenries (nH).
Since the inductance requirement has an inverse proportionality relationship with switching frequency, high switching frequency means that a very small inductance can be used.