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INDUCTION, eccles. law. The giving a clerk, instituted to a benefice, the actual possession of its temporalties, in the nature of livery of seisin. Ayl. Parerg. 299.

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Another found that the Foley catheters are efficacious with a shorter induction to-delivery time than PG for induction of labor with an unfavorable cervix17.
Induction of labor involves a complete interaction between oxytocin and prostaglandins, and success of labor depends on cervical conditions such as dilatation, effacement, consistency, and position in the pelvis.
The purpose of this study was to explore the induction of labor practices in a rural, midwestern hospital.
Reasons for such off-label use during pregnancy include: inhibition of premature labor, reduction of fetal or neonatal infection, reduction in development of pre-eclampsia and its complications, and ripening of the cervix or induction of labor.
not medically appropriate) for pregnant women "because it can cause abortion" and reemphasizes that "Cytotec is not approved for the induction of labor and abortion.
Induction of labor (IOL) refers to the artificial initiation of labor undertaken when the benefits of delivery are deemed to outweigh the risk of awaiting spontaneous onset of labor.
Induction of labor with misoprostol for premature rupture of membranes beyond thirtysix weeks gestation.
Among these two forms dinoprostone is FDA approved, whereas misoprostol has not yet been approved by FDA for induction of labor at term with a viable fetus7.
Patients may ask for inappropriate interventions such as early induction of labor, and these recommendations will equip physicians and other health care providers in explaining the dangers of certain interventions.
Background: Cervical ripening is an important prerequisite for successful induction of labor, a procedure that is frequently necessary because of medical or obstetrical complications.
Coverage also includes underweight and obese women, anemia, infections, abnormalities, medical diseases, hypertensive disorders, normal and abnormal labor, intrapartum monitoring and management, induction of labor, twins and multiple pregnancy, intrauterine growth restriction, instrumental delivery, postpartum collapse and hemorrhage, trauma, maternal injuries, cesarean delivery, neonatal resuscitation, prematurity, postmaturity, ultrasonography, diet and exercise, prescribing in pregnancy, and other issues.